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Via de Cristo part two

October 11, 2012

The weekend was amazing my LORD! I was high upon your mountain surrounded by love and your Holy Spirit. I was to not anticipate, but to participate. I think I did ok. I do not like being put up on a pedestal yet at times that is the way I felt, but it was through your grace I was being lifted up, for your glory and will, not mine.

I came back down the mountain and indeed I stumbled, I can make excuses but it does not matter to the one in addition to You, your Son and the Holy Spirit,  I hurt. Thank you for  Your forgiveness through Jesus that I have been able to reflect this 4th day. May your Holy Spirit keep nudging me and saying, when you are ready, I am here for you.

I am unwilling to state all the joy and surprises that were given this weekend in the potential someone who has not shared this weekend experience stumbles across this writing. Just let it be known, it is truly  a blessing from God.

I can only thank You for the weekend and You sent many servants to serve me, no strings attached. I know I was placed in Decuria of Humility with an amazing group for a reason. You God, let me know earlier and in your time, it was revealed to me. I truly would like to thank the teams, sponsors and prayer partner, but was told not to, and even when I forgot, and tried, I was told to thank God. Thank you YAHWEY, my Lord.

Different portions of the weekend affected people in different ways, I know many people are closer to You, each may have a different starting point, but your eternal gift is the desired end result. Many have been able to “throw” out the rubbish, long lasting issues. My prayer for all is that all are healed, forgiven and in Jesus name, completely let it all go.  Thank you Lord.

Oh what You have done for us our LORD! In Jesus name, AMEN.


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