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Do you ever fee…

April 12, 2012

Do you ever feel like your life is like traveling the skin of a zebra? One moment you are in the white and thinking of God and the next nanosecond you do something stupid? And then back into the white and repenting for the sin just committed!

I got up this morning and prayed, even thinking about putting on the full armor of GOD and 20 minutes later offended and take out instant anger towards someone else for their deed. 

Why can not we smooth out those speed bumps and or jump over the black (evil) thoughts and deeds that permeate our lives? I know I can not do it alone!!! Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit that at least jumped to tell me “Whoa, what were / are you thinking? Was it that big of a deal?”Then I think and thank the Lord, help me through this day and rely on you oh Lord, let me think of you often as this day progresses and maybe I can avoid a black line. One step at a time.


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